1) Material: UPVC, CPVC, PP

2) Size: 1/2'' - 2''; 20mm - 63mm ; DN15 - DN50

3) Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS

4) Joint End: Socket, Threaded (NPT, PT, BSPF), Fusion, Welding

5) Working Pressure: 150 PSI

6) Operating Temperature: UPVC(0~55); CPVC & PP(0~95)

7) Body color : UPVC(dark gray), CPVC(light gray), PP(light yellow)


PVC foot vales fulfill a specific purpose in PVC systems. They function much like ball and check valves, but instead of allowing liquid to flow through them while surrounding the liquid, they are fully submersed in the liquid. This allows the valve to stop back flow completely in certain applications. Our PVC foot valves are made from durable PVC and can be used in a wide range of settings because of their durability.

PVC foot valves are commonly used inside pumps. They have a ball inside that moves out of the way when the pump is on to allow the liquid media to flow into the pipe. When the pump stops, this ball falls into place, closing the valve and preventing further flow. The valve is held shut by water pressure alone, and requires no springs. The water pressure on the ball seals the valve and prevents backflow.

Water enters the valve through a wide screened opening on the bottom. The screen prevents any debris that might be in the system from entering the pipe, providing a bit of a filtering action. Our PVC foot valves have socket ends to fit into the pipe system they are connected to. Adhesive can be used to create a tight seal.

All of our valves are made from PVC which is corrosion and rust resistant. This makes them popular for commercial settings where corrosive chemicals are common, as well as in home plumbing and drinking water applications. PVC is a popular material for foot valves specifically because they will be constantly submersed in the liquid. Thus, they need to resist rust and corrosion. All of our PVC foot valves come completely assembled and ready to use. Buy yours today to finish your system.

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